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If Quality and Value are important to you, you need look no further.  Get more for your money!  You will not find a more experienced, competent or professional home inspector.  I promise you my inspection reports stand out from all others with more information and more pictures in an indexed, easy to read format and I meet or exceed every requirement in the Standards of Practice.

A cheap inspection may be the most expensive thing you'll ever buy.  It may cost you thousands of dollars down the road because of missed or overlooked defects.  Cheap inspectors DO NOT CARRY ERRORS AND OMISSIONS INSURANCE, DO NOT HAVE A 90-DAY WARRANTY, DO NOT HAVE AN AUTOMATIC RECALL CHECK ON ALL APPLIANCES, DO NOT HAVE THERMAL IMAGING AND DO NOT OFFER A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. 


You couldn't put a price of your family's health and safety and yet your future health and safety depend on a professional quality home inspection.  Your home inspection costs very little but it will tell you a whole lot.  It's worth much more than you could pay.  This is not the place to nickel and dime it.

Professional home inspectors' rates are in the same ballpark.   A professional home inspector will still be inspecting when the fly-by-night inspectors go out of business.  If you get a cheap quote, then it is fair to say that he knows he's not worth any more.  He doesn't spend time or money on education or insurance and as soon as the market improves he'll go back to whatever he really does.  That's is not what you need.

Equally important as the the most thorough inspection is the inspection report you will receive.  It should be very detailed with lots of pictures in an easy-to-read and comprehend format.  Very few reports meet that criterion.  You will get a complete and thorough investigation of the property at a reasonable and customary fee. My fees depend on the perceived amount of time it is going to take to properly inspect a property and to produce a fully documented report. You want to save money and no one would fault you for that.  But, if saving money is your only criterion, this could be a dangerous place to do that.

A large percentage of the so-called home inspectors in this area are not professional home inspectors.  If they got any kind of certificate at all, they went on-line, paid a couple hundred bucks, took a test for about 30 minutes and then they got a certificate calling them a home inspector.  And they are definitely cheaper but not worth a penny.  Would you want a surgeon with minimal skills or a mechanic  working on your car that died who only took a short exam, perhaps with assistance of an answer sheet?

You want to know everything before you make this major commitment of buying a house.  This is where you can really get a BIG BANG FOR YOUR BUCK.  Be aggressive in searching out the best professional home inspector.  Demand to have everything explained until you understand clearly.  Saving a little money on an inspection when you are spending maybe hundreds of thousands on your home purchase doesn't make sense.  You could be risking injuries to your family or paying for costly unexpected repairs because you saved a few dollars for on your home inspection.

The most important thing you need to know is that you will get a complete and thorough investigation of the property at a reasonable and customary fee. My fees depend on the perceived amount of time it is going to take to properly inspect a property and to produce a fully documented report. You want to save money and no one would fault you for that.  But, if saving money is your only criterion, this could be a dangerous place to do that.

An inspection should take a minimum of 3-4 hours for an average 3 bed/2 bath house. A walk-through with you following a thorough inspection is my standard practice. Some may try to convince you that an inspection should only take 45 minutes to an hour but that is a WALK-AROUND not an INSPECTION.  It is not humanly possible in just 45 minutes to actually "inspect" the plumbing, the electrical, the heating system, the cooling system, the roof, the foundation, drainage, gas lines, venting, appliances, get into the attic and crawl under the house. 


Why perceived time rather than square footage?  

If there is a crawl space in one house but not in another, that takes more time. If there an attic in one and open beam ceilings in another, that takes more time. Three bathrooms take more time than two bathrooms.  A jetted tub has to be tested to make sure it works = more time. Inspecting T1-11 siding is not as involved as inspecting stucco of which there are many kinds and the application of stucco if done incorrectly could mean moisture intrusion and mold which would result in costly repairs.  An attached garage has the same roof as the house whereas a detached garage is a separate building and needs to be inspected separately. Some properties have a well, some have a pump house, some a swimming pool. It all needs to be investigated and reported.


We all look for "hidden costs" when we buy things.  Well, "hidden costs" take on a whole new meaning in home purchases.  You may think that one home inspection is the same as another but they are not. The 'hidden costs" can be thousands of dollars and probably tens of thousands of dollars from having a home inspector who isn't competent in all disciplines of house building or is technically in some other line of work. The expense of overlooked issues by someone who doesn't recognize potential problems is staggering.

You will receive a fully documented report with lots of pictures.  It's your future safety, peace of mind and money at stake.  It is imperative to make sure your house is safe and isn't going to shock you with unknown defects that start costing substantial amounts of money.


MORE thorough investigation of the property.
MORE comprehensive report than any other inspector's report.

MORE pictures in the report to help you recognize and remember features and issues.
MORE information on the walk around at the end of the inspection to educate and inform you so you know the house and what it will take to bring it up to your standards.
MORE knowledge far beyond any other construction discipline and total familiarity with the immense number of systems and components that make up a residential dwelling.
MORE assistance following the inspection without additional charge.


Buyers should pick an expert inspector before the option period to give themselves as much time as possible to make important decisions if defects are discovered.  It's a good idea for people to do a walk-around with the home inspector after he has concluded his inspection of the property to see defects first-hand and develop a thorough understanding of why certain repairs are needed.

When it comes to newly constructed homes, some buyers and Realtors assume the properties won't have defects and don't require inspections. That's a mistake.  Serious issues are frequently found in new homes including unfinished plumbing, it's the one time you can get the builder to fix everything you've found.  I've often found more issues in newer homes than some of the older ones.

And just because a home supposedly meets building code standards and often they do not, it doesn't mean the house is defect-free. Building inspectors are only inspecting to a baseline standard and don't usually go on roofs, into crawl spaces or inside attics, making quality home inspections even more of a necessity.

Buyers also should make sure to get inspections of so-called “as is” properties, such as those purchased through foreclosure. If a home is sold “as is,” the seller doesn't have to disclose anything as he probably doesn't know and does not warranty the condition of the property.  You don't know what ‘AS IS' is.

I report the issues and educate the buyer on remedial methods in order to move the sale forward.  I have saved the most difficult deals to the buyer's complete satisfaction and the agent's as well.
Call Housecheck Inspections and we will discuss the fee for inspecting your new home.

Commercial inspections are reasonable and customary and just as detailed as a residential inspection.  Please call 24/7  to discuss the property and services to be rendered, so the pricing can be determined.