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Sylvia Duerksen
Office Manager

I have to work to bring home the dog biscuits.  Bella and Raggs depend on me and what little I do for them, they give back to me ten-fold. 


Bella                            Raggs                                ... and Abby

Sylvia is my wife, my best friend, my office manager and my sounding board.  She is an integral part of Housecheck Inspection Services, designing the logo, brochures and business cards, handling the service agreements, warranties, the website and scheduling inspections and my continuing education.  Sylvia is an alumna of College of Marin where she studied Real Estate Practices, Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Finances and Real Estate Law, but her career path took her into Human Resources.  Although not a certified inspector herself, she is no stranger to this industry.  She was executive director of a national home inspector association in which capacity she served for over five years. 


While I had a construction company, I worked with Habitat for Humanity for a few years and on ocassion I meet a family for whom a house was built and  years later they hire me to inspect a new bigger home for their family.  I also have been on the Board of a Private School, K - 8, for six years, not that I have any little ones but education is of vital importance.  Every few weeks, I sing at my church where I have been a member for years.  And I am proud to particiate in helping the homeless with food and supplies through our church program.


It is no accident that the word "service" is in the name of my company because service is what I pride myself on giving the client.  Personal service.  I want you to get to know me and what I can provide for you and I will bend over backwards to live up to and exceed your expectations.  And, I have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  

I use a sophisticated,  state-of-the-art, computerized reporting software, which sends the report from the inspection site to the cloud and is then retrieved back at my office for additional comments and pictures.  The inspection is done with a tablet in which a camera, flash and microphone are contained in order to accurately report what I am inspecting on the spot.

Poor Reports Come in a Mind-Boggling Varieties--What Good is it To You If You Can't Read It?

(1)  All the toilets are on one page, or all the sinks are on another page.  The report is so carved up you can't put a room together.
(2)  Some have little boxes.  Do you know what A/S means, or R/R or any other letters.   Will you remember a month from now?
(3)  Other reports are littered with generic drawings, for instance a drawing of Ducts in Concrete Floor Slabs that isn't even of your house.  You only want information directly pertaining to your house.

I use a sophisticated,  state-of-the-art computerized report, about 50 pages, that is comprehensive, easy to read, easy to understand and intelligent.  This is the foremost home inspection software in the industry because the program was developed and upgraded for decades so that clients can easily follow the inspection process and understand what was found.  If you have to slog through a bewildering report and at the end you have no clear idea what was found, that report is of little use to you and you probably wasted your money.  My report is designed to walk you through each room and show you what I saw and report on it right then and there.

I have a real passion for what I do.  Every inch of the property is inspected -- all structural, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, deck construction and plumbing.  I crawl under the house.  I go up into th attic.  I walk on roofs.  I will notify you of any item that is a potential issue. I provide quality color photos in every inspection report.  One picture really is worth a thousand words.  You will understand every item by the time I am finished.

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